Salvation – Historically, Today, and Biblically

         By Kevin E. Hughes

The Intent of this Study of Salvation

This Study of Salvation is a Topical Study and Not a particular Book Study.
The Purpose or Goal is Not to press a particular view on Salvation but to equip persons to best understand Divine Salvation so they can make the best informed decision Biblically.
I will start with an Introduction to the Topic of Salvation, by defining it and then move to what Salvation has meant Historically.
Historically beginning with, the Greek Philosophy’s Influence on Judaism and Christianity, then Major Views of Christianity Historically – during the Early Church, the Middle Ages, and the Reformation.
The Key Events of the Reformation, in the Persons, Confessions, and Synods that brought on Calvinism, Arminianism, and Lutheranism will be presented.
Bible Interpretation’s role in one’s view of Salvation will be emphasized with the understanding that if people have a differing Methods of Interpretation that they will never come to a common conclusion. With this in mind Interpretation in Judaism, Early Church, Reformation, and Today will be presented.
Also an Overview of Salvation in Old Testament leading to Salvation in the New Testament. We ask and explain the question was Salvation the same or different in the two Testaments.
We will be defining Salvation’s Key Terms, along with Controversial Topics like, Predestination, Free Will, Election, Calling, Choosing, Human depravity, Foreknowledge, Limited and Unlimited Atonement, and the Grace of God.
Many people are very passionate about what they believe about Salvation which brings out at times emotional responses to some key controversial issues.
Each person is entitled to their belief, but they should do their best to explain not only WHAT they believe, but HOW they came to that belief.
Ultimately there is only one Plan of Salvation that is God’s plan that all should strive to understand.

Study Content

Includes a POWERPOINT PRESENTATION for each Lesson.

Includes many CHARTS to see Broad Concepts in a Single Image

Includes BIBLE STUDY LESSONS, in PDF format.

1. Lesson 01 – Introduction – Salvation – What is it and Greek Culture’s Influence 

2. Lesson 02 – Salvation – Major Views Historically – 2nd to 19th Centuries 

3. Lesson 03 – Salvation – Middle Ages to the Reformation

4. Lesson 04 – Salvation – Key Confessions and Writings of the Reformation

5. Lesson 05 – Salvation – Bible Interpretation – Historically, Reformation, and Today

6. Lesson 06 – Salvation – in Old Testament – Adam to Tower of Babel

7. Lesson 07 – Salvation – in Old Testament – Abraham to Exodus

8. Lesson 08 – Salvation – in Old Testament – The Giving of the Law to Death of Moses

9. Lesson 09 – Salvation – in Old Testament – Joshua to the Birth of Christ

10. Lesson 10 – Salvation – Message in the Gospels and Faith in Both Testaments

11. Lesson 11 – Salvation – Grace in Old and New Testaments

12. Lesson 12 – Salvation – The Church Begins – Jews and Gentiles

13. Lesson 13 – Salvation – The Church, Paul, Hardening, and the Mysteries

14. Lesson 14 – Salvation – Defining Arminianism of the 1610 Remonstrants

15. Lesson 15 – Salvation – Defining Calvinism of the 1619 Synod of Dort

16. Lesson 16 – Salvation – Before the World Began, Grace, Free Will, and Foreknowledge

17. Lesson 17 – Salvation – The Will of Man and the Will of God

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Lesson 1- Introduction 1 – Overview of Old Testament

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