Overview of Old Testament History

God has given us many places in the Bible as an Overview of events in the Old Testament especially the Nation of Israel’s History up to a certain point in time.           God regularly reminds His People Israel to not forget what the Lord has done for them and that they must worship and obey Him as their one and only God.

Old Testament Passages that give an Overview of Israel's History or History of Old Testament.

Israel’s History:  Moses (From the Exodus, about 1446 BC, to just before entering the Land of Canaan, about 1440 BC or about 40 years. Moses was 80 years old at the Exodus and 120 years old in the Book of Deuteronomy. Deut 1:6-4:43

Israel’s History: Joshua (from Abram’s Father Terah, before 1876 BC, to the Exodus, about 1446 BC, to Entering and conquering in Canaan, to the death of Joshua at age 110 years.) Joshua 24:1-33,

Israel’s History: Jeremiah (From the Exodus to to the seige of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar, 32:1-2) Jeremiah 32:17-24

Israel’s History:  Nehemiah (From Abraham, about 1876 BC, to the Exodus, 430 years later, about 1446 BC, to the 70 year Exile in Babylon, to Rebuilding the Walls and City of Jerusalem, about 444 BC) Nehemiah 9:7-38

Israel’s History: Acts Stephen’s Sermon > (From the Time of Abraham in Mesopotamia, before 1876 BC, to the Time of Solomon, about 966 BC) Acts 7:1-53